How does our safety performance really compare to other organisations?
Is there a better way to measure safety than using lag indicators?
What if we could get direct feedback from our front line on our safety culture?
Do our leaders have the skills required to lead a high performance safety culture?
Are we leaders in safety or do we only follow?
Global Safety Index For the first time, you can identify current performance, track performance, and benchmark performance extensively. And you can do it anywhere, anytime, and in an instant. How do you compare? Find out more
Safety Culture Index The Safety Culture Index (SCI) shines a light on all areas of your business to capture what your people think and believe about safety. This powerful insight allows you to better understand and influence key variables of risk, accidents, and prevention to make your workplace a safer workplace than it is today. Find out more
Safety Leadership Index The Safety Leadership Index (SLI) profiles the safety leadership capabilities of an organisation. Each leader's safety leadership performance is measured by a self-assessment survey, and an immediate manager assessment. These results are weighted and mapped into the organisation's SLI profile. Find out more
Research & Support GSI Research & Support is an online resource that allows members to request one-off or ongoing research specifically related to Safety and associated topics. It is also a community of best practice, where all GSI members can gain additional insight into enhanced safety performance through shared experience, resources and discussion. Find out more